Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Dryness of Hamoun lakes and its consequences on dust activity            0000-00-00
2    assessment of geochemical-mineralogical properties and environmental effects of dust caused by placer iron minig over sangan area-iran    M.Sc.    Pouramin, Pedram    2014-02-01
3    spectral, synoptical and dynamical properties of dust storms over the Jazmoryan area, Iran    M.Sc.    Arjmand, Maryam    2014-05-05
4    An integrated desertification vulnerability index based on remotely-sensed data (Case study:Khorasan Razavi)    M.Sc.    pashaei, mojgan    2014-05-05
5    A Model to Distinguish Desert Ecosystems Using Ecogeomorphic Thresholds and Numerical-Spectral Algorithms (Case Study: Khorasan Razavi Province)    M.Sc.    Abdollahzadeh, Zahra    2014-05-05
6    spatio-temporal variability of aerosol indices over the east of Khorasan, Iran and the impacts of land use changes    M.Sc.    miri mamarabadi, parvin    2014-05-05
7    Spatio-temporal variability of plant formation changes at Tandoureh National Park by remote sensed data    M.Sc.    ansari, mina    2014-05-21
8    Assessment of wind erosion rates and its relation with soil shear strength(case study: Harvested area Daroneh city)    M.Sc.    hasannejad, azadeh    2014-06-30
9    Effects of desert dust on yield and yield components, physiological and morphological traits of wheat (Triticum aestivum) and cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.)    Ph.D    hatami, zahra    2014-12-28
10    Assessment of edaphic variability on subsidence fissures morphology (case study: neishabour plain)    M.Sc.    joleyni, maryam    2015-06-01
11    Monitoring and assessment desertification risk using IMDPA model (Case study: Ghasemabad plain, Bajestan Township)    M.Sc.    davari, soroor    2015-06-01
12    (Assessment of wind erosion variability in different vegetation patterns (Case study: Sebri region, Sabzevar, Iran    M.Sc.    pourjavad, hanieh    2015-06-08
13    The relation between spatial distribution of particle matters and atmospheric circulation patterns in the critical air pollution episodes of Tehran metropolis    M.Sc.    karimi, minoodokht    2015-06-16
14    Sedimentology and Geochemical study of aeolian deposits in Sistan region and its temporal variations during Holocene    Ph.D    shahraki, mahdieh    2015-06-28
15    Groundwater drought assessment using machine learning models    M.Sc.    bakhshi dam oo, arezoo    2016-06-06
16    The role of land cover changes in Iraq and Syria in occurrences of dust in south western of Iran    M.Sc.    safarikhah, hasel    2016-06-15
17    Morphometric of Nebkha and its relationship with some vegetation and sediment factors in Sarakhs region    M.Sc.    yousefi, Mohammad javad    2016-07-03
18    Nebkha chronology and geomorphology to reconstruct late Holocene environmental changes Lut playa    M.Sc.    nakhai, omid    2016-07-04
19    (Predicting the impacts of climate change on the disturbation of Persian leopard (Panthera pardus saxicolor    M.Sc.    Ebrahimi, Amir    2016-07-04
20    Evaluation and prediction of vegetation index dynamics and restoration prospects in khajeh woodlands    M.Sc.    emamian, ahmad    2017-01-16
21    Assessment of chemical properties of airborne dust entry to the north east of Iran    M.Sc.    baghi, malihe    2017-05-13
22    Monitoring of Protected Areas in Khorasan Razavi Province by Using InVEST Approach    M.Sc.    Jafarzadeh, Zahra    2017-07-03
23    Investigation on the effect of sediment from wind erosion on the creation of fertile islands in Neyshabour region    M.Sc.    seyednezhad, farzaneh sadat    2017-07-14
24    Classification of dust emission sources in South Khorasan using the MODIS satellite data    M.Sc.    shahi khesht, lale    2017-07-14
25    Response of vegetation to precipitation under different grazing levels by using remote sensed vegetation index (case study: Tandooreh national park)    M.Sc.    rabbani, omid    2017-07-15
26    assessment of dust emission, and effected area from different Geomorphic and land covers in the West Khuzestan province, Iran    Ph.D    Malamiri, Nemat    2017-08-02